Niklaus Gerber

October 27, 2022

A personal update

I have exciting news. From the 1st of November onwards, I will be the new Director of the Digital Unit at Vorwerk International. I will focus on providing strategic leadership and operational management for our digital products and channels. Leading growth, advancement and innovation of digital products and working in partnership with markets, sales, experience design and operations teams to enable advisors, delight customers, and achieve digital sales excellence.

I feel humbled and grateful to join the new leadership team of Alexander Stampfl, who is driving sustainable change in his area of Digital, Sales Systems & Omnichannel.

I had much support in the last three and half years at Vorwerk, but there are a few humans I want to spotlight. Nicolas Witt and Max Könnings brought me into Vorwerk, Ramona Wehlig, who supported my teams with all our shenanigans and Matthias Vorell, who was my rock in all the craziness. All my fantastic team members and my colleagues in the culinary and Omnichannel leadership team. You are rock stars.

Lastly, Luigi Rossini kept pushing me to keep driving change. Thank you for that.

To keep my focus, I had to let go of some things dear to my heart. One of which is my side project Better Human. I started my newsletter in March 2016, sent over 300 weekly MEMOs and wrote 20+ long-form articles. I open-sourced the content here A big thank you to all my loyal readers. You were part of this six-year journey. I will still write occasional articles and keep sharing my ideas.

Now off to new adventures and challenges; One impossible thing at a time. 

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