Niko Heikkilä

March 24, 2021

Captain's Log - 2021.03.24

I updated my blog to Gatsby 3.0. It doesn't feel notably faster or different than the 2.0 version, but the new Fast Dev mode based on React 17 and a new image plugin are pleasant to work with. It's great to have major releases that don't take hours to upgrade.

I've begun to advocate CSS Modules whenever I need to style websites. I know it's so 2016, and someone might say I should use Tailwind or styled components instead. Essentially, for me, CSS Modules solve the problem of finding where specific styles have been declared since they are always coupled to components. Additionally, I can write the usual SCSS / CSS so there won't be any syntax pains. CSS Modules also work out of the box with Next.js and Gatsby. There's too much to love in them.

The painful reality of working with legacy code — specifically, the book and this article — has been making rounds in my network. As a maintainer of legacy code, it resonates with me rather strongly, and the pieces above should be read by everyone planning to work in the software industry for years.

I published Hours 0.3.0, which, for now, has enough features to check your Toggl reports on the terminal. I'll probably implement the timer feature next. Just for fun — because working with open-source is fun.

I'm drifting towards reviewing and merging pull requests in the GitHub iOS app because it's well designed and easy to use. What is happening here? I certainly didn't see a day coming when I would develop software using a mobile phone. Good job, folks!

There is an entertaining annual programming language world championship tournament going on. Go and vote for your favourites. It's entertainment and thus doesn't empirically prove one language is above others, but I guess you can fight over that as well in your miserable lives.

I'm progressively quitting Instagram because its primary feature — for me — were regular photos in feeds ordered by publication date. Still, ever since, they have been pushing first stories and now those pesky reels, in addition to having all sorts of silly recommendations popping into my feed. If I wanted to use Snapchat or TikTok, I would use them and not some half-assed clone from Facebook. First, I shelved the app on my phone by moving it into the iOS app directory so it won't be there staring at me, urging me to open it. Now I removed the app altogether. The next step would be to delete the account, but I should probably export my photos somewhere.