Niko Heikkilä

April 25, 2021

Craftsman's Log - 2021.04.25

My current employer (Futurice) has begun hiring people from everywhere (in Finland). Check out our open positions, and join us. I'm happy to give more details about our culture and ways of working.

I wrote several paragraphs about mentoring, why we need it, and how to excel in it.

Related to mentoring, I received this helpful analogy between software teams and karate. It turns out the two have more in common than just katas.

"There are no silos, there are no specialists with a different training. We are able to do any technique. It’s true that there are people better in Kumite, others are very good doing Katas, etc. We don’t have the same aptitudes, but in Karate, each Karateka is able to do any technique with enough quality. If he/she is not able to do it then training is the answer."

HEY rolled out their domain support, but unfortunately, it's a whole new product and switching to it would mean I can't any longer be using this HEY World blog. Thus, I'll stick with Fastmail ❤️ as a personal mail and redirect the mail to HEY for the time being. It's not the optimal solution, but a sufficient and not too costly workaround.

I finally removed the Google Analytics integration from my site. During the past year, I've opened the Analytics dashboard maybe only a handful of times. Yet, there it sat, still decreasing the performance of the site and the privacy of my visitors. Good riddance!

I haven't paid attention to the Core Web Vitals, but luckily I have until June before Google starts to rank the SEO based on it. For once, these seem to be reasonable. It doesn't matter how fast your website technically is — what matters is how fast users perceive it is. Also, visual stability is a great metric — no one likes to use web apps where UI components are recklessly hopping from one place to another.

I'm a big fan of verifying JavaScript code with Jest tests, so naturally, Vest seems like a fantastic and straightforward way to handle validating forms by writing "tests" for those. I would imagine using Vest has the added benefit of teaching you how to write clean tests.

In software projects, low internal quality leads to cruft, leading to decreased throughput and eventually increased opportunity cost (we weren't able to deliver that feature to market on time) and revenue loss. Keep your internal quality high and communicate its importance to business and management.

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