Niko Heikkilä

June 20, 2021

Craftsman's Log – 2021.06.20

Just in time for summer vacations, I got my summer vaccination this week, and the second shot will be in September. Soon, I'm a free man and free to lick the pavements again — which I probably shouldn't do.

I watched through Ragnarok season 2 from Netflix. It wasn't as strong as the first season, mainly due to the series attempting to introduce and build several new characters in only six episodes. Still, the mythology part holds up well, and I hope the next season will have a proper build-up towards the climactic battle between the gods and the giants.

On a related topic, the Handmaid's Tale season 4 ended with a bang. Honestly, though, the series could have ended already, and I'm pretty sceptical about season 5 bringing any additional value to the story. Unless, of course, the season is about the total fall and obliteration of Gilead and what it stands for.

I'm happy to work in a company that supports open-source contributions mentally and financially. A colleague of mine, Juha-Matti, wrote about his experiences.

I work with GraphQL almost every day, and it's a difficult one. Here's a simplified specification for GraphQL explaining its different concepts and terminology.

This comic about Apache Kafka describing how otters (yes, otters) talk to each other is priceless on the note of simplified guides. Now I'm tempted to suffix each of my producer class names as otters — how about IncomingReportOtter?

Moving from otters to pigs. The fable of roasted pigs was unknown to me, but I have to admit it's precious, and the following quote summarizes it well.

Nowadays, our Agile ecosystem is full of roles, events, artefacts, practices for scaling, canvases, charts, reports, tools, statistics, and all the same management stuff dressed up with some fancy agile flavour. Maybe it is time to go back to the basis. Back to the essence, to the spirit of the guerrilla.

I'm usually more comfortable writing CLI apps in Python or Golang, but if I have ever to do it in Node.js, here's a great primer by Liran Tal on how to provide a consistent user experience.

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