Niko Heikkilä

March 6, 2021

Oh, Hey!

I set up a email account in the first wave when released, but it has been sitting without real use case since then. It seems like I have too much spare money in my hands, but what the hell? I genuinely enjoy the products and articles people at Basecamp put out regularly, so I'm happy to support them. If you haven't yet read their books, It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work and Remote, go and grab them now.

Recently, HEY released a feature that lets me reply to emails from my own domain, so I set up a forwarding rule from my Fastmail inbox to Hey. So far, the transition has been smooth, and I've felt an odd satisfaction in the following things:

  • I can't use my own email client. Thus I don't have to worry about POP or IMAP.
  • I can't overengineer my inbox usage with custom folders as there are only Imbox, The Feed, and the Paper Trail, and everything flows to their correct places.
  • I feel a rush of power every time I screen out a new sender - that's right, stay away, filthy spammer!
  • Every time I see a notification that a spy pixel has been blocked, I feel a warm tingling on the back of my head.

Another new and interesting feature is this simple blogging system called Hey World, which lets me write an email to and see it published to the world. Since I already have a blog at, I'm not planning to replace it, but some streams of thought will likely end up on this HEY blog. Consider it more as a journal type of writing. The old blog will stay there for more coherent pieces.

And what shall I be writing about? Expect posts related to effective software development, tech cultures, team building, productivity tools, workflows, and an occasional stupid joke.

See you next time! 👋

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