Nathan Sykes

April 4, 2021

30 Days of HEY World

Happy Easter! Today marks a huge milestone - I've officially posted 30 days in a row on HEY World! It's the first time I've ever been able to successfully post for such a consistent timeframe, and I'm incredibly proud of how my writing is starting to turn out. I'm going to maintain this for as long as possible, but I wanted to share some statistics about the articles I've written thus far - I've been keeping track in a specific 

Have a great Easter if you celebrate, folks. I'll be back in your inbox bright and early tomorrow with blog post #32 (technically blog post #31 if you don't count this, which is basically a stats post). 

  • Words Sum: 19,747 words over 30 days
  • Average Words Per Post: 658 words
  • Median Words Per Post: 624 words
  • Shortest Post: 429 words
  • Longest Post: 1,469 words
  • Range Of Words: 1,040 words

See y'all tomorrow!