Nathan Sykes

April 18, 2021

Basecamp 4 Feature Request: Voice Recordings

Happy Sunday! Short post today (there's a lot in a row because I'm on vacation).

I'm a big fan of everything Basecamp does - they actually created the platform you're reading this on, HEY World, as a larger part of their new email client. Before I enjoyed HEY, I was a longtime user of their main product, Basecamp! It's a project management tool that focuses almost exclusively on asynchronous communication. They've been in business and profitable for 17 years, and have only changed their core software three times - Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 2, and Basecamp 3.

That's about to change! Earlier last year, Jason Fried announced that Basecamp 4 will be arriving in 2021. As we eagerly await the newest version of Basecamp - please add asynchronous voice communication.

Voxer style!

It's a happy medium between having meetings and keeping things asynchronous. The purpose of most meetings is to hash out stuff that can't be easily spoken over text - why not implement a similar feature to be able to hash out stuff over voice?

Just a thought. Regardless of what ends up being in Basecamp 4, I can't wait to experience it.