Nathan Sykes

April 3, 2021

Five Reasons I Wrote A Book

Writing my first book, Retire Before College: The Secrets & Methods Of Teen Entrepreneurs, was probably the most intellectually challenging thing I've ever done. It was super hard! As soon as I had a locked manuscript, I swore to myself I'd never write another. Nine months later, I broke that promise and started putting together the pieces towards book number two. I'm struggling quite a bit with writing consistently, so I wanted to remind myself why it's worth sticking this through. Hopefully it inspires one of you to do something similar.

1. It makes you money, forever. Talk about passive income! I get a check in the mail from Amazon every single month with my royalties. Because I also offer an audiobook, I get a separate check for that. I'm enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so I get paid every time someone turns a page in my e-book. I think that payment's a direct deposit. The even better news is that Amazon's doing all of the heavy lifting. Amazon may be a bad private equity investment, but it's no secret that it holds a monopoly on the book business. Amazon's algorithms and searches and whatever else is responsible for putting my book at the top of the list when interested buyers come knocking works perfectly, and I'm able to sit back, relax, and watch my passive income flow in.

2. You join a very exclusive club. Only about 1% of the world's population ever winds up publishing a book. That's one in every 100 folks. The amount of folks who get it on a best-seller's list is even smaller. I was able to get Retire Before College to top Amazon's best seller list in eight niche categories the week it launched, and I'm allowed to retain the title indefinitely. Best selling author. It's a very small group of people on planet earth that have that claim to fame, and I know each of them (with the exception of those who hired ghost writers) have struggled through the same thing that I did - they wrote a book about a topic they thought the world needed to hear more about.    


3. A book instantly boosts your authority. Because you're joining a very exclusive club of people with a pursuit that traditionally conveys some form of academic/intellectual interest in the topic you're covering, people start to see you as an authority on the industry you're covering. (For this part, I'm talking more about non-fiction works than memoirs and works of fiction). Publishing a book on a topic shows people that you really know what you're talking about, and you have 230 pages of black and white to prove it. A book could be an excellent tripwire product that promotes your credibility in place of other things that you may not have access to, like a large email list, or a marketing budget, or tons and tons of social proof. Which leads me into...  

4. You can use a book to upsell other stuff.
It's much easier to upsell a $247 informational product, or coaching at $997/hr, or any number of other items when you have a book to build up your credibility. Not everyone will agree or understand the content in your book, and that's okay! You just need to focus on the ones that get the joke. If you have something great to share, that'll be most of them. You don't need to show tons of testimonials or social proof or a large marketing budget because the people who read your book will understand you know what you're talking about. That's the best kind of customer.  

5. It forces you to write every day.
I've started this blog recently, but before I did, I wasn't writing as much as I would have liked. The vomit draft of Retire Before College was about 75,000 words (before I cut and edited, which took a large chunk of that). For the better part of a year, I was able to write at least 500-600 new words per day, not to count all of the editing and moving around of original content I had already written. It kept me consistent as a writer, and I know that my second book will come out even better now that I have one under my belt.

I'll have more information on my new book in the coming months. I'm anticipating an early 2022 release date, most likely February or March. I'll keep you all updated!