Nathan Sykes

April 22, 2021

Hulu's New WeWork Documentary

Happy Thursday! Short post as I continue to be on vacation.

I'm a huge fan of WeWork and their global access pass, which gets me into one of 600 offices worldwide for $300/mo. It's awesome - I love the people, I love the refreshments, and I love the fast wifi.

Recently, Hulu came out with a very interesting documentary that I'd recommend you watch. Check out the trailer:


Click here if the image doesn't work:

I just finished watching the entire thing, and it's amazing how far Adam (their CEO) got people down the rabbit hole. For a time, it really represented something of a cult - they had WeWork to work in a communal, open environment, WeLive to live in a communal, open environment, and WeGrow to educate kids in a "brand new way". I'm all for education reform, but not by these guys.

The whole thing reminds me of the Church of Scientology. Thankfully, they've gained some sense and have started to move past their Adam Neumann phase, but regardless, it's a great watch for anyone who is interested in the rise and fall of a company that was worth over $47 billion dollars.

It's on Hulu now. Take a look at it!