Nathan Sykes

April 7, 2021

My Thoughts On The Ivy League

The results are in! Of the eight Ivy League schools I applied to, I learned last night that none of them would be offering me admission to the Class of 2025.


(As a side note, I didn't know what to write today until those results are in, so I do apologize for the late post. It'll probably come out closer to 9:00am today, but I'm back to my early morning schedule tomorrow.)

Surprisingly, I feel very calm! Relieved, almost. While I'm saddened that I wasn't a fit for any of the schools I received decisions from yesterday, it narrows down the choices to where I'll be spending a good chunk of my next few years to schools that are genuinely happy to have me. I've received early admissions decisions & likely letters from some of them, merit-based scholarships from others, and hand-written notes from my admissions officers with specific examples of what they loved from my applications (my private equity firm was cited often, so thank you Howdy Interactive!).

I do want to clarify - the schools that did accept me are still prestigious - T30s, Little Ivies, and world-class public research institutions that are building out their business & economics departments. The schools that waitlisted me are just as awesome - we've got one T25, the top entrepreneurial school in the world*, and other schools with award-winning economics and business curriculums. Any school I attend would be a perfect environment for me to continue my work in private equity, and continue to make an impact. It doesn't have to happen at an Ivy for that to happen - I'm still going to be doing most of the work, regardless of where I call home as I'm at college.

I value brevity, so I won't stretch this out. I do want to reference my March 24 post, "My Thoughts On College Admissions", and my paragraph therein:

I've always considered college to be an option, but never the option. It's the attitude I had when I was writing my first book about how to succeed without college (it's literally called Retire Before College), and when I was invited to give my TEDx talk on creating perfect environments for teen entrepreneurs. College is, especially in this day and age, not becoming "the" mandatory path for everyone to head down. Despite my book and speaking engagements, I had always known that I'd apply to college. Whether I'd actually attend? Another story.

I'm glad to say I've committed to a school, and look forward to joining them on campus this fall (should social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions permit!). It's going to be a blast.

*=Their words, not mine.