Nathan Sykes

April 24, 2021

Not a fan

Happy Saturday! Short post while I continue to be on vacation.

HEY for Domains just came out, and I'm not a fan. Then HEY decided that they're ending Twitter support, and I'm not a fan of that either. Their last few changes have certainly been customer hostile.

I have more than enough faith in the crew there to hold it out for the long haul, but I'm not the only one that's being concerned by these changes. Lots of folks on r/HEYEmail and Twitter aren't happy with these changes. There are the folks that are professionally outraged, but lots of people who mean well have not been happy with the way this was rolled out.

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Reddit Thread on HEY no longer providing Twitter support, click here

People aren't happy that they're going to have to use multiple accounts. They aren't happy that the pricing is insane (it's an additional $10/mo for custom domains for the first person on the domain, then $12/mo for every person after that), and they aren't happy that they were told that personal domains would come to the account they've currently been using, with all of the settings, screener history, data, and emails that already exist.

Are they likely to do things differently because of this outcry? I doubt it. They have no qualms about shedding the customers pissed off by changes they're making, and I respect that a lot. I just find these two changes a bit baffling.

What are your thoughts?