Nathan Sykes

March 30, 2021

Philosophy 3 of 3: Time's Arrow Marches Forward

This is the final post of our company's philosophy. Yesterday, I realized that our philosophy was not available on our rebranded website, so I wanted to throw it up on HEY World for prosperity. These philosophies are really what help guide us as a company. Above all, it's important for us to understand - it's just money! We're buying and managing companies. We're not building rockets. We're here to have a good time, and make some cash. Let's treat it as such.

Our third color philosophy, Time's Arrow Marches Forward:

There’s one resource that is constantly diminishing. Money, connections, energy, and to some extent, your health, is all fixable and replenish-able. The only thing that’s not is the time that we have in this world.

We strive to be a passive business that can generate passive income. Not just for our shareholders (of which there’s only one, Nathan – no investors, remember?), but for our employees, too. That’s right – we actively encourage our team members to remove themselves from day to day work.

It seems ass-backwards, but we place a significant emphasis on two skills that are a MUST HAVE or MUST LEARN – automation and outsourcing. These two skills free up everybody’s time. At the corporate level, it frees up time for big-picture stuff, like making sure we’re on track with our vision, meeting our profit metrics, and exploring new opportunities to earn money. At the individual company level, it frees up time for those team members to brainstorm and implement new ways for the company to generate more profit.


If we’re stuck in the day-to-day grind, we’re working in our businesses, not on our businesses. This leads to a hamster wheel of playing catch-up, and losing valuable opportunities to generate additional profit.

Automation helps us keep mundane tasks on track. Using services like IFTT, Zapier, and Piesync lets us transfer data and do basic tasks that would waste our time if we had to do them ourselves.

For the tasks that we can’t automate, but can’t afford the time it would take to do so ourselves, we have a team of kick-ass virtual assistants. We outsource a lot of our day-to-day work to them, including research, order processing, billing, customer support, content creation, marketing, etc., so we can focus on the larger picture.

With automation and outsourcing working hand-in-hand, the idea is to completely systematize the day-to-day operations of a business. Imagine going for vacation on a week, and instead of coming back to fires you need to put out, you come back to more money in the bank account than when you left? That’s what we’re trying to create at Howdy.

But even still, working here can be stressful. There are ups and downs, just like any other company. Good days and bad days. That’s why we allow true, unlimited vacations and free days. Mental health is important, and we take frequent breaks, trips, and mini-vacations to make sure we’re recharging away from work.

Time’s arrow marches forward, never backward. The average age of one of our team members is 19 years old. It may seem young, but given that the average life expectancy is just 71 years old, it means they’re already 23% through their life. There’s so much to see and do that doesn’t involve slaving away at a job they hate for two weeks of vacation per year. We want to create the opposite type of company.