Nathan Sykes

April 17, 2021

Speaking As If I'm An Actor

Happy Saturday! Short post today.

I've struggled with stuttering for quite a bit of my life. It used to be worse, but it could be better. I've been attending speech therapy twice a week for half a decade now, with varying degrees of success.

Something I've been focusing on that has been helpful quite recently is pretending I'm acting when I need to speak in a high stakes situation, like on a due diligence call for work, or when I'm speaking publicly. I pretend that I'm someone who doesn't stutter, and suddenly, it helps a lot.

I still have moments that set off a speech disfluency (mainly when I don't know something off the top of my head), but pretending has been helpful.

This is only helpful when I'm on the phone or a video call - I'm not good enough of an actor to pretend in-person. But I thought I'd float the idea to any of my readers who also struggle with speech disfluency.

I just landed in Orlando for a week of rest and relaxation - I'll still be writing, but they'll be shorter posts like this.