Nathan Sykes

April 23, 2021

The End of Signal v. Noise

Happy Friday! Short post today, as I continue to be on vacation.

I've been reading Signal v. Noise for many years now. It was one of the first business blogs I've ever regularly checked on a daily basis, and one of the things that sold me on Basecamp years ago. This morning, I received an email from DHH saying that it's been closed. Sure enough, I rushed on over to the the site to see the news for myself. It's unfortunate, but an apt ending.

SvN was responsible for influencing a lot of how I see business today. It's allowed me to focus on profitability, and targeting many, many customers rather than hooking a few big ones. Along with the Walt Disney Company, their focus on customer service is what made me such a fanatic in the area. And when it came to success and how to enjoy it, David's post on becoming a millionaire was such an excellent read that I re-read it once a quarter.


Thankfully, the archives are still there. And Jason and David will still be writing, they'll just be using the same software I'm writing to you on now - HEY World.

In honor of SvN, I want to link some of my favorite articles for a trip down memory lane:

Onward and upward with HEY World!