Nathan Sykes

April 19, 2021

The Post-COVID Travel Resurgence Is Starting

Happy Monday! Short post today as I continue to be on vacation.

I’m writing this on a plane, as I’m heading to Orlando for a much needed break. This marks the eighth time in less than 30 days I’m on a plane - I’ve been traveling for work a lot as my team and I are working out the logistics of moving Howdy Interactive to the city where I’ll eventually be attending college. On all of the flights, everything is jam-packed. The travel industry is returning!

I think a combination of more people getting vaccinated, the CDC saying it’s okay for vaccinated people to travel, and people who are making the risk v. reward calculation for themselves are finally deciding that things are looking up. Entertainment venues in California, which has been known for the strictest set of regulations, are finally starting to open up with the opening of Universal Hollywood on April 16th.

So what's the deal? COVID-19 cases are rising in almost half of US states. Despite the vaccine coming in, we're reporting an increase in cases. So what gives?

It's my strong belief that governments need to be preparing for this. It's impossible to deter everyone from traveling or interacting like they did pre-pandemic, and I really think it's stupid to try. Masks and social distancing have turned into a political issue, which means some people will never do it. It's the unfortunate truth.

When it comes to travel, people are still traveling even though it heightens their risk. I'm a bit of a hypocrite - theoretically, everything my team and I have been traveling to/from can be done over Zoom, but it's much easier for us to do it in person. Even now, I don't technically need to take a vacation. I hope that it helps that I'm taking precautions every step of the way (double masking, social distancing, private transportation/Ubers when possible, contactless check-in, etc.), but the risk is higher than if I wasn't traveling at all.

I'll also be vaccinated in the coming weeks, which I'm very excited about! I hope that as more folks get vaccinated we'll start to see a continuance in the resurgence in travel, just with a bit more common sense.