Nathan Sykes

March 10, 2021

There Is No Better Way To Learn Than To Teach

Since the release of HEY World, I've committed to writing one blog post per day. When Jason first announced HEY World was coming to all HEY customers, I made a mental pact to do so, and I've moved a lot of things into place to hold myself accountable. I've abandoned my personal website at, opting to redirect all traffic to my HEY World site. I've modified my name tag (HEY's terminology for an email signature) with a link to my new blog.

But why?

There's no point in starting a blog for commercial gain. The odds are stacked against you from your first post. Even if you write for a passion, committing to an article a day is tiring and takes a lot of self-discipline.

My answer lies with this quote - "There is no better way to learn than to teach".

I can't quite seem to pin down exactly who said it first (head to Google, and it's attributed to like 70 different people. If you know, please let me know!), but it's an excellent saying.


I'm celebrating a year in the micro private equity world this month. Last March, my marketing firm lost 80% of our clients as a result of the financial crisis accompanying the pandemic.

Being a teen entrepreneur is weird - at 16 years old, you can make major mistakes and brush them off in the same day. That day, however, was different. A global pandemic had swept hundreds of thousands of small businesses off their feet, the only evidence they ever existed being a large pile of debt they had left behind. For the first time, I felt vulnerable. My mistakes and missteps, for some reason, had more weight.

As we shifted away from marketing and toward private equity, I learned more than I could ever imagine about finance, banking, business law, and privatized investing. I picked most of it up as I went along, and formed a knowledge base that has served me well as I've steered the Howdy Interactive ship toward sustainable profitability long-term.

As I approach my 18th birthday next month, a number of priorities have been clarified for me. Among them, promoting accessibility and helping new players join us on the PE stage. I guess this is what this blog is for. Being 17 years old, I've made a number of mistakes. Just a few days ago, I detailed a five figure mistake due to a miscommunication that I found myself at fault for. My ego will not be happy to hear this, but I don't know everything this industry offers quite yet. It's a learning experience for me, too.

HEY World allows me to kill two birds with one stone. It's my hope that my writing teaches you something about private equity, finance, or teen entrepreneurship. On the other end, writing these daily articles allows me to really focus and retain the knowledge I need to successfully operate my firm, lead my direct reports, and be able to grow as a company, a leader, and a person.

Wow, that last sentence was deep. I should be a writer

Also, don't tell me what you're getting me for my birthday in April. I want it to be a surprise!