Nathan Sykes

April 15, 2021

Todoist’s Interesting FOMO Marketing Play

Happy Thursday! Short post today. My productivity platform of choice is Todoist because of its simplicity. If you're interested in an in-depth walkthrough of how I get shit done, then head over to my April 8 blog post on my productivity workflow using Todoist.

At the end of every day, when you're done with all of your tasks, it congratulates you with a cute illustration and a single line of text: "Today you completed XX tasks and reached #TodoistZero".


What follows are two buttons - to post on Facebook, and to post on Twitter. Like you might have guessed - it lets you post your accomplishments and tag #TodoistZero in them.


I took a stroll through Twitter and found that each day, 20-30 people post a screenshot of their clean Todoist page with the hashtag #TodoistZero. Not only are they posting about their productive day, they're tagging the company that's allowing them to do so.

Todoist could have easily just put a "21 tasks, you're awesome!" page, and called it a day. But they implemented a super passive marketing strategy that's netting them between 8,000 and 11,000 organic tweets per year about their customers loving their brand (and probably the same amount of content on Facebook, I just had no way to check since I'm not on the platform too often).

It goes beyond a customer-loving-the-brand situation, really. Productivity is a skill that only a minority of folks have properly achieved. When someone posts their clean to-do list and someone who isn't blessed with such a productive and discipline mind sees, one of the first things they jump to is, "How can I be like that?"

At $48/year, Todoist is all too happy to sell you the answer.