Nathan Sykes

April 26, 2021

Wrapping up the daily posts

Happy Sunday! I'm writing to you from Orlando, where I leave the day after tomorrow to head back to Bangor to get back to work with my team. 

That's a wrap on the daily posts! After 50+ continuous days, I'm going to be wrapping up in the next few days. It's not because I've lost enthusiasm for writing - on the contrary, I'm knee-deep in writing my second book.

I live and do business by a philosophy that I'm still figuring out myself - it's primed on being simple, understandable, and full of common sense. Because it's so simple, I've already explained all I need to explain. No need to continue pumping out nonsense for the sake of pumping it out.

I've written over 30,000 words, and wrote more continuously than I have since I wrote my first book. I'll still be writing here, but maybe twice per week? If I have more to say, then I'll say it. If we come to a point where the daily posts are sustainable again, then I look forward to doing so.

Onward and upward!