Omar Wani

March 4, 2022

Qualities of a healer

  • to hide the faults of man and the rest of creation- not only from others but even from themselves
  • to have compassion & forgiveness for even the worst of sins
  • love and gentleness
  • truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, devotion, generosity
  • justice, imposing the 'rights' and preventing the 'wrongs'
  • humility, staying awake-praying
  • knowledge & courage

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About Omar Wani

Thank you for reading my mails to the world. These includes notes on love, experiences, observations, and reminders (many times to myself) about how I live by the day, day by day.

Along the way, I read beautiful words, eat awesome food, experience great brands, and take notes that I love to share with peers, colleagues, clients and you on empathy, understanding, life, and all that is just so great about being alive!

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