Olly Headey

March 4, 2021

Hello new blog that is likely doomed to live an unfulfilled existence

I built a minimal blogging app for fun last year, primarily as a way of applying WD-40 to my long-dormant Rails dev skills. I like it, but I still don’t blog enough. Unless you count unpublished drafts, of which I am a total ninja 🥷.

HEY have now launched an even more minimal approach to blogging (with the same ethos, which is nice – validation!). This is fantastic as a HEY customer, yet mildly frustrating as proprietor of a blogging app. Not because HEY World will eat my lunch (that’s not possible because a tiny handful of customers means I don’t have lunch in the first place), but because it means I want to use it. Damn you, curse of shiny new things.

I really like using HEY (my blog post about it is by far the most popular thing I’ve written - good Google juice) so I guess I’ll now just flip flop between HEY World and my blog and see what happens. If you want to follow along, you can subscribe to this new blog below. You can also subscribe to my main blog via email and RSS for good measure. 

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