Olly Headey

January 30, 2024

On Photography

I have too many blogs.

This blog is for when I'm writing with my work hat on. I had another blog that I used to write on before I got HEY World, but it's sorta defunct. It's an archive of stuff that maybe I'll just turn off one day soon, given that we have the Wayback Machine if people really felt the need to dredge the bottom of my blogging barrel.

So of course I created a new one.

For the past 3 or 4 years I've been taking photography a bit more seriously. This means I bought a better camera and subscribed to Lightroom, yes, but I've also been focusing on learning. Studying the greats, learning to read the light, composition theory, learning how to edit, all that. I've definitely improved but like most creative pursuits, it's an insurmountable lifelong journey.

I find something special in taking pictures for the love of it. I like the 'man vs machine' technical challenge of course, but nothing can beat the sheer enjoyment of happening to be in the right place at the right time when light, subject and shadow all converge.

I created a portfolio website a while back, and I've decided to add an email newsletter to it. One email per month, max. I've even given it a name: Captured. Since you kind people on this email list want to read my writes, I thought you might like to subscribe to the newsletter too. The content is very different, but diversity is good and maybe you'll like it (or know someone who would - nudge nudge). You don't even have to actually read it – you can just look at the pretty pictures. 

I've just finishing writing issue #01 which I'm going to publish in a couple of days time, so, if you're keen, please head on over to https://ollyheadey.com/captured to subscribe and I'll deliver the first edition fresh in your morning inbox later this week.


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