Omar Wani

April 20, 2021

Sea food celebrations | images

I've loved lobster and prawn meals for decades now.

I particularly enjoy them juicy- citrus, garlic; gravy-like - butter-garlic, that's fine.


This one (above) I devoured at the Sheraton in New Delhi has been the best so far, from all my travels. But my disappointment dates back to as recently as a few weeks ago when I tried the Lobster meal at Marisco (below), Goa's best seafood restaurant.


How does one manage to get the meat so rubbery and tasteless. Maybe it's tasteless to start with and some forgot to add the flavor!

The Sheraton Prawns again were dripping in flavour - spicy, peppers, olive, and love.


This picture below is from 2009 - at a man-made island-shack somewhere in Kerala where Sehar & I were served prawns and tapioca... a meal I have never forgotten, and always remembered as one of the best...