Omar Wani

March 20, 2021

Walks | the Torpedo Factory Art Museum

I've always been fond of messy desks. Yes, I do think they are a reflection of a busy mind. A good busy mind.

I'd go further than the cliché. The artist's desk is quite full with colours, pictures, shade cards, brushes, and possibilities of what could be.

At the Art Museum, she with her earphones plugged in, was quite immersed in work. I asked if I could take a picture of her desk... and she agreed gladly. Said no pictures of the artwork. I agreed gladly.


The simple to the most sophisticated tools are merely, just tools.

It is the artist's eye and the strokes in her mind that make the art what it is. And then it's our own minds that go make interpretations. We are limited my our experiences, contexts, lives, perceptions. And they, by theirs.

But in between, there is a moment. Fragment of a slot where the ideas meet... unlimited possibilities. Seizing it is admirable.