Om Malik

April 19, 2021

The Great Pretender(s)

An anonymous technology industry shares her feelings about suddenly becoming a millionaire, thanks to the potential public offering of her company. She often asks herself: do I deserve the wealth that is coming her way?   She writes: 

My job, it’s all narrative. I don’t build anything. I don’t do any math equations. I’m corralling a bunch of pieces together, so in reality I’m doing everything and I’m doing nothing. It’s all about the perception of how you’re doing. It’s very intangible. So I constantly ask myself, Do I deserve this money? 

In my decades of covering technology, many people have shared that sentiment with me privately. The only thing that is different now versus, say, twenty years ago -- the sheer scale of wealth going into the pockets of employees and the founders. I highly recommend this article in The New York magazine.