Otar Chekurishvili

July 27, 2022

How GitHub can disturb StackOverflow

Warning: This is a very opinionated post.

This is a 2 step plan for GitHub to challenge and win StackOverflow.

1. GitHub Introduces GitHub QA

GitHub Issues is a hidden gem for developers. You won't find a better place to communicate with the project contributors.

On the other side, the content quality on StackOverflow is becoming something bloated these days. It might still be a good place for intro-level people to get quick answers on the questions, but not for the specific and more advanced content (mostly).

Besides, if project uses GitHub for a source code, issues and maybe for organising issues, it will be more convenient for the team to have such answers in the QA section in the next tab.

2. GitHub Introduces Paid GitHub QA

How about someone from the project team answering your questions for money, in a timely manner... DevSupport.

Starting from one-time payment for a question continued with a monthly/annual support package subscription, knowing that you can depend on the first-hand professionals (often author of the projects), who would not pay?..

It could be a nice addition to monetise open source projects alongside the GitHub sponsorships. If the core team ad maintainers earn money from the project it becomes more self-sufficient.


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