Philip Levy

March 20, 2023

New “link in bio” site using GitHub Pages

As someone who’s old enough to remember dialing into America Online, it’s interesting to see how the kids these days are still coming with products that are essentially re-packaged web pages. When I see things like Linktree or, I can’t help but think of them as slightly more refined GeoCities or Myspace sites.

That said, there is something satisfying about the value proposition, “Everything you are. In one, simple link in bio,” particularly in these days of multi-channel social media. (Though I do hope the social media giants don’t pull the link-in-bio business model out from under them.) While I don’t have a presence on Instagram or TikTok, I decided to go with a simple, Linktree-style approach for an update to my personal site instead of a more traditional portfolio, especially since I have most of my projects on GitHub anyway.

Rather than use one of these fancy services, I figured I would create mine the old-fashioned way — do it myself. I mean, it’s just a page of links, right? Fortunately I already had an easy boilerplate site set up as Plain Vanilla GitHub Pages. Starting with this, I added styling using the GitHub Primer design system to give it a clean, minimal look.

Check it out here:

What’s next? As I’ve done with a few other projects, I like the idea of turning this into a template to make it easy for other people to use or remix. There are similar projects on GitHub, but the goal with mine would be to make it accessible for no-coders. If you’re interested, star or watch my site repo. And even if no one’s interested, I might just do it anyway.

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