Pierre-Olivier Carles

April 18, 2021

A simple recipe for success

The reason you got to love what you do is that you have to do it A LOT to be successful.

It’s not about blind hard work. It’s not about smart work either. It’s about the combination of both.

Hard work without smart work is a trap.

You get results so you think you’re on the right path to success but it doesn’t scale.

Smart work without hard work is a trap too.

You get results thanks to the system you have put in place... but it keeps you in your comfort zone and spoils your true potential.

The combination of both is the true way to take it to the next level, and then, the next level again, and again...

Yesterday, I came back home after ordering at @grilledcheesegallery and found @stephaniecarles working as you can see.


She’s a real estate broker in the Palm Beach area, in Florida, and over the years, she's becoming very successful - her revenues are x2 or x3 every year - by combining passion and hard work with 2 things:

👋🏻 She serves her clients like if they were family, she cares and they feel and see it. They tell her, they tell people around and leads are coming in by themselves. I’ve never seen her making a cold call or anything like that.

👋🏻 She has built a system based on professionals doing a good job and that she can trust. So everything related to mortgage, titles, law stuff, property management, contractor work... is taken care of when she needs it, without the headache and spending hours to manage and control the work.

Loving what you do and the combination of hard work + smart work is the recipe for success.

It’s that simple.

I hope you guys can learn something from this post and what Stephanie is building, or at least, that it will make you sit down and ask yourself if what you do pass the test of that simple rule.

Peace 👋🏻❤️

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