Pierre-Olivier “PO” Carles

March 10, 2021

Make your Social Media Healthy again

Ask Captain Obvious, and he will tell you how toxic social media can be.

There was a time, though, when even Twitter was a great place to have respectful and meaningful conversations.

Kind of hard to believe in 2021, I know...

That being said, the toxicity of social media is largely exaggerated.
It depends a lot on you and how you handle things, especially replies.

If you pay attention to trolls, and other nasty people, the toll for using your favorite social app can be paramount. Yet, haters are armless without the attention you give them.


To live a healthier social media life, I suggest that you stick to 2 golden rules:

Rule #1: Trolls don't know you.

Their judgment is not fact-based.
They are just trolls, and they feed themselves with your very reactions.

Stop reacting, and you will starve them.

Even worse, react to everybody else but them, and they will be angry AF to be ignored.

You've heard it before:

Do not feed the trolls!

#Rule #2: Whatever you say will attract opposite reactions.

Some people will love you for the same reason other people will hate you.

It's OK.

You don't need to hit a Homerun every time you post something.

  • Be yourself. You're already good enough.
  • Post what feels right to you. Being real matters.
  • Engage with respectful people. The "Social" part of "Social Media" is for "interactions between Humans."

  • For the rest... Refer to Rule #1.

I hope that can help you a bit if you're struggling with your social media use 🤟🏻💙

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