Pierre-Olivier Carles

April 22, 2021

Milk is good... for you and the planet.

Today is Earth Day.

If you know me, you have seen me supporting many times Hart Dairy, a dairy company producing one of the very best milk in the United States. I advise that amazing company almost on a daily basis now, as it has started growing like crazy.

I'd like you to do me a favor.

Please spend 3:12 minutes of your time - I know it's a lot - watching that video of my friend Dr. Richard Watson.

Richard is one of the most respected dairy experts in the world, and listening to him is always a pleasure. He's such a wealth of knowledge!

In this video, he explains why the dairy industry does not hurt the planet.
Factory farms - regardless of what they produce - do.

earth day.jpg

I know you have heard many times the exact opposite point of view, especially from the propaganda of slacktivists who are using easy rhetoric and demagogic messages to convince you that agriculture is bad.

Spoiler alert:

Bad agriculture is... well, bad.
Wrong practices are bad too.

Like in any other industry.

I understand most people do their best to try to make the best choices in front of the shelves, for themselves and their family, for the animals, and for the planet. People are good by nature. They just lack education, because you can't be an expert in everything...

So they rely on simple messages they think are true.

The problem with that is the largest influencers when it comes to food, are not the experts or the scientists, but the noisiest people.

Speaking louder doesn't mean you are right.

Please listen to Richard and learn how Hart Dairy fights Climate Change too.
It's Earth Day after all 🙂❤️🐮

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