Pierre-Olivier Carles

May 1, 2021

Thank you for the hate


6am this morning, I’m having a coffee while reflecting on my journey as an entrepreneur, from day 1 in a small and depressing grey office in Tours, France, in 1996… to my backyard this morning in Palm Beach, Florida.

It has not been an easy journey so far but I’d 100% do it again if I had a chance, just avoiding a few mistakes I made. 

And I was thinking to the craws, who tried to discourage me, lower my self-confidence or highlight my weaknesses… and who wished I fail so hard.

Along the way, I have outperformed most of them, one at a time, financially speaking and from a lifestyle point of view. And I’m still no one and nowhere, I’ve not done it yet, and I’m not even close to where I am going.

These crows helped me so much, by showing me the sad and painful person I didn’t want to become, that they were my biggest inspiration besides my family. 

I’ve compassion for them, because I know they were projecting on me their own failures. Being a loser is a terrible thing if you don’t realize it and do something about it. I hope they will have their epiphany and find some joy in their lives.

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s not giving a fuck.

Thank you for the hate. ❤️

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De mon parcours fait d’entreprises, d’investissements, de succès et d’erreurs, je tire des pensées personnelles que je partage ici, en français maintenant. Documenter ce voyage peut en inspirer d’autres, mais, à vrai dire, c’est d’abord à moi que cela apporte quelque chose.