Pierre-Olivier Carles

March 23, 2021

Upgrade yourself on a daily basis

You have heard that often.

"If you're the smartest person in a room, you are in the wrong room."

The reason you have heard it soooo much is that it's true.
And probably the best advice you can give to anyone.

Most of us are worth what we know, what we have learned through experiences, what we are good at for someone else.

What you know is the only thing that cannot be taken from you.

That's the reason why being forever-student matters so much.
It's your insurance against whatever life is going to throw your way.

Even having a simple conversation with someone smarter than you are is an upgrade for your brain if you pay enough attention.

I remember Killian, my son, after spending an hour with the CEO of a company I invested in, coming to me and saying:

"Dad, the conversation was amazing. He's so smart. I don't really have a chance to talk with people like this on a daily basis."

That was a red flag for me and I knew I had to change the context he was growing in.


Killian, like the rest of us, would benefit a lot from spending more time with smart people who do things. He would also benefit a lot from reading books written by highly talented and proven authors.

That is especially true if you are an entrepreneur. You need to educate yourself on a daily basis because no one will push you to learn more if you don't do it yourself.

Reading books, blogs, or watching educational videos is the way to go when you don't have so many smart people to talk to on a daily basis. That's the reason why I listen to podcasts or books as soon as I jump in my car or go for a walk.

Our end-game is about learning, being inspired, and finding solutions to problems.
And there's raw food for your brain all around, in abundance and for free, as long as you look for it.

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De mon parcours fait d’entreprises, d’investissements, de succès et d’erreurs, je tire des pensées personnelles que je partage ici, en français maintenant. Documenter ce voyage peut en inspirer d’autres, mais, à vrai dire, c’est d’abord à moi que cela apporte quelque chose.