Peter Skaronis

December 26, 2022

Documenting your decisions


There is usually a thought process that you follow for making decisions.

Most times you don't think about it. It's intuitive. It is maybe something you've done before so your drawing from experience.

Depending on the decision and the impact or consequences it may have, you might feel the need to validate your assumptions.

Decisions like buying a house or moving to another country especially if you haven't done this before require closer examination.

There are tools I've used like the Decision by Design course by that help you navigate such situations.

What I realized is that for me at least it made sense to start documenting how I reached a decision that involved a list of requirements and solutions with certain constraints.

As we are bombarded by ads, news and social pressure it helps to have your decisions documented so that in 6 months time, when you feel that urge to make an impulse decision or change on the same subject, you can revisit your notes on that decision and see if it still makes sense.

I document things like that in Basecamp under the specific team.

It saves me time going down rabbit holes in the future.

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