Peter Skaronis

February 19, 2024

Speed loves simplicity

I have spend countless hours switching platforms for writing and way less time on actual writing.

I decided last year to use HEY World for getting my thoughts out. Sortly after that I got snowed under with 18 hours days of work and writing took a backseat. I am finally getting back to a point that my work hours are back to normal and I can get back to writing.

In all this time, a lot of new AI technologies have been introduced and many platforms have incorporated LLMs to make writing and promoting your writing easier.

For example, I just re-posted something I had published in HEY World in Substack and once it was published, there was a new option to create a shareable video with AI voiceover and made this.

1708337174_0-100_0_0__276a8e97c9da8f674afeca93a5e732b6.mp4 567 KB

I do use substack as another distribution channel and it is great but I have to make so many decisions before I can hit publish that overwhelm me.

Writing on HEY is easy. As soon as I finish typing this, I can hit "Send email" and it is out into the world.

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and after watching this clip from Sam Altman's Stanford talk, I'm making a choice to choose simplicity and speed.

It’s not entirely accurate to say that speed and quality of decision-making correlate exactly with startup success but it’s not a bad first approximation. Being quick, decisive, and getting things done quickly—if you look at our data, that would just correlate almost exactly with all of our successful founders. And other founders that look on paper like they should be really successful but fail are often missing this one trait.

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