Michael Reibel Boesen

July 9, 2022

🏃‍♂️ 1 sec


After recently restarting my runs I thought it be a good idea to do a 5K reference run something I can happily beat some weeks later. So I did this 5K where I was trying to keep the pace close-ish to my VT1 (more on that in a later post). But I added a small pace game where the last km have to be the fastest. The idea is to train being more conscious of my pace and thereby energy consumption.

And I missed that by 1 sec 😂.

6:43 vs 6:44 😂

But you know what? I’m fucking proud of this 5K anyway. Because not only have I successfully rebooted my running but tonight I slept 2h spaced out over the entire night because baby brother Sander wasn’t sleeping very well or at all. Also I ran for a full 27 minutes before walking a few seconds before the last K started. And it was uphill!

So yeah deal with it 😎. 

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