Michael Reibel Boesen

July 14, 2022

🎸🏃‍♂️ Air Guitar Run Club playlists

One year ago I started making some DJ-style mixes because I thought running playlists really suck. I stopped doing them because it took too long and nobody really cared. But they still suck so I got to change that.

If you don’t like dance or techno or pop you have no where to go. At least I haven’t found any. So here are my take for a more rock’n’roll take on running / exercise playlists. If these playlists don’t have you playing air drums or guitar while running then I don’t know what will. Would love to turn them into mixes but I just don’t have the time right now.

If you like them let me know otherwise they’re simply here so I can find them myself.

The playlists are divided into length and intensity. Note though that intensity is probably subjective. But you can expect higher intensity playlists to have higher BPMs than low intensity playlists. We’re staying inside the rock’n’roll / blues sphere though here so no speedmetal etc.

Edited 23.09.22
Ok I decided to just bundle a lot of great songs into a few bigger themed playlists. For now there’s only one and it’s IMO quite good, but the list will expand as I’m inspired to create more.

Air Guitar Run Club #1 - Contemporary

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