Michael Reibel Boesen

July 9, 2022

🍷 El Enemigo [😃]

Following a great run earlier today and the almost autumn like temperatures outside I thought it best to open a good bottle of red wine.

I recently started exploring Argentinian wine and this Cab Franc is my first Argentinian Cab Franc and being a big fan of Loire Cab Franc it was a quite interesting comparison.

👁 Deep red with some purple tint

👅👃 On the primary side I get: Herbaceous (bell pepper, but not as powerful as a Loire cab Franc), Raspberry, spice (pepper, licorice), cherry, herbal (eucalyptus). And as for secondary the oak feels very well integrated. It’s clearly there with vanilla and smoke notes but it’s pleasant. 

📐 Structure wise it’s pleasant. High acidity and medium-ish tannins with a quite long finish and a nice body. 

🥇This definitely has balance, precision and length. Complexity is also there to some degree so definitely going to call this high end of very good quality => 😃

🏃‍♂️ I wouldn’t recommend this post running even though antioxidants is good for recovery. It’s like a good whisky that should be savored on the couch in the evening after a good run. 

The comparison with Loire is interesting. Loire definitely has a lot more bell pepper and El Enemigo felt a bit more approachable perhaps than most Loire Cab Francs. 

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