Richard Baptist

April 27, 2021

My personal domain at Hey

In my previous post I explained why I've decided to stick with Hey and I'm glad I did. The way personal domains are handled is great. Despite the odd combo discount construction, the setup was painless and the way it's implemented works very well.

I mainly wanted to move away from my Gmail account which is being forwarde to Hey, but more than anything I wanted to use my personal domain for my email. I set this up before with an AWS lambda forwarding mails to Gmail, but that's not ideal. I liked Google Inbox and felt setback when I was forced back to Gmail.

Hey provides a similar and on some parts better experience than Inbox. But mostly, creating mail aliases on my domain is the feature I really enjoy.

I'm now receiving my news letters at news@, my online shopping is done via shop@ and I've set up my programming related mails to go to code@.

I like that this categorization takes place before the mail even arrives. It just feels clean.

So I'm sticking with Hey for at least a year. See what else they have in store. After I will take a look at where Onmail stands.