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February 23, 2023

"Art is simply politics, sweeter tongue."

...said Day to Dawn in Foundation, the sci-fi series adapted from the books by Issac Asimov.

It really struck me hearing this line. I'd considered the link between the two, but never so strongly.

Politics was groups of people making decisions, often resorting to underhand tactics to win arguments. Artists would never stoop to that level, would they?

Then I thought why I write this blog and about a book I've been reading You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins, where he describes 5 types of writer.

The Journalist

These are inquisitive people who love researching and asking questions then sharing what they learn with their audience, conveying facts in interesting ways.

Isaac Paul (two Isaac's in one day, yay) is a good example of a journalist.

The Prophet

These writers are all about honesty and authenticity. They tell it like it is, no matter how difficult the subject - often going against the official narrative. People read prophets because they're real and fearless.

Charles Eisenstein is probably the best example of a Prophet I've come across.

The Professor

Professors have deep knowledge on a specific subject matter and love to share that knowledge with others.

Doomberg is one of the most informative and engaging publications of its kind, with subject matter stretching across heavy industry, private equity and the hard sciences.

The Celebrity

These are influencers and charismatic actors, who entertain people with their high energy and often scandalous content.

Russell Brand is the probably the best example of this, at least in my sphere of influence.

The Artist

Then you have the Artist. They want to create things of beauty and show them to the world, but their message can catalyse more political movements than all of the above combined.

According to this ranking system, Bob Marley is the best political musician of all time.

Art is just softer at communicating ideas. No one has to make a stand right there and then. People can enjoy the art without necessarily agreeing with the artist's point of view.

Take for instance this new project being started up by my cousin Michael:

Link to Soulfood Sessions website.

Is this event politically oriented? A staunch capitalist may think so and vehemently disagree with it, but I think even the staunchest of folk will get something from this agenda:

What happens at Soulfood Sessions?

Soulfood Sessions brings together live music, meditation, poetry, inspiring talks, stand-up comedy, listening circles and a community meal to create a day of wonder and inspiration.

[Incidentally, I don't disagree with capitalism at all. Although I do disagree with central bank control and the endless devaluing aka theft of money - but that's for another post!]


So what type of communicator are you?

As you can see the types of writer above apply broadly across all forms of communication.

I'm still finding out what style I am, but I get a sense I'm a mixture of a Journalist and a Prophet - although I prefer the title: Honest man.

Let's see if I can be courageous enough to grow into the second one. Honesty, truth and the willingness to be totally wrong are hard to come by these days, at least in the mainstream.

And if Tim Urban is right, this type of discourse may well be humanity's saving grace.

Is that a political statement? You bet your tripled insulated slippers it is.

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