Robbie Maltby

February 21, 2022

Ask yourself, “What if?”

We've all asked ourselves the question, "What if?"

What if I put up that website and asked people what they think?

What if I started that podcast, wrote the first chapter of that book, or coded that app?

The answer we and others give ourselves is often quite unsurprising. "Probably not much".

So we don't do it. We go back to our normal jobs, to our comfortable lives, and we let ourselves off the hook.

And maybe it only takes not following through on this one idea to kill the enthusiasm for all other ideas we have.

If we ever do let ourselves think of one again, we just brush it off as fantasy or unrealistic thinking.

At least that's the norm....but there is another school of thought I want to introduce you to.

It's teaches you to make ideas real then ship them, continuously, until it becomes so second nature that you're not even all that bothered about how one performs compared with the next.

It's about quieting the perfectionist, the rationalist, and just learning how to ship!

I just graduated from one such program and all I can say is it's been truly life changing.

Yes I've created a few income generating side-gigs in my life, but I've had countless more ideas (that I think were better) that I didn't make.

It feels like all this is about to change after completing the altMBA

To all my fellow altMBA'rs out there, and everyone else listening, remember to answer the question correctly next time.

"What if?" 😉

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