Robbie Maltby

September 7, 2023


You know that thing you've always wanted to do, knew was within your reach, but either didn't have the balls...or the right 'idea shape' to take it forward.

Most people know me as a marketer; who writes email sequences, landing pages, business strategies, and this blog. In the background though, I've been dabbling with this cool thing called Ruby on Rails.

It's a full stack programming language; meaning the stuff you see in your browser, as well as all the fancy data manipulation stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

From what I know, and I still know fairly little, it's one of the easiest languages to learn and build stuff with - web apps in particular.

Now you've probably all heard of ChatGPT by now 🥱 and how everything is going to change because of it?

Well, kind of...

Ye see, ChatGPT is a tool. But without a use case, and a human who knows what good looks like (and whether or not it could be hallucinating) it's blunt at best, dangerous at worst.

However, if you're doing something day in day out that requires an enormous amount of creativity i.e. connecting dots, fusing those dots as you sleep - over and over! Then there's probably a good use case for ChatGPT here.

I'm not saying to outsource your creativity. I'm saying to outsource 'some' of your editing....and your proof reading, while giving yourself 24/7 access to a digital sounding board to summarise your (mostly) daft ideas back to you.

So I've been using ChatGPT a lot and I've realised, you can essentially make it think like you - and therefore write like you. The problem is those moments are fleeting, then all of a sudden it's back to spewing platitudes and garbage that it's picked up somewhere on the web.

So I've decided to scratch my own itch, and attempt to tame the fucker at the same time 🤖🤠

Let's see what comes of it. Follow along if you fancy watching me #buildinpublic


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