Robbie Maltby

February 25, 2022

Dust off

This is the time of week everyone dreams of.

We get to hang up our shoes, dust off our overalls and down those tools.

What tools you ask? I am a white collar worker thank you very much!

I have no dust on me!

Or do you?

Is the dust you're carrying just a different sort of dust?

And the fact you can't see it, means you don't realise you need to wash it off.

It could be that dust is what stops you from enjoying your Friday night.

It could be what clogs up your vibes on Saturday morning, making you look and feel even more tired than you are. 

Blue collar workers practice physical hygiene often, sluicing off as soon as they get home.

You might have to up the ante here a little but a real shower is probably a good start.

Just make sure you remember to dust off 😉

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