Robbie Maltby

February 14, 2022

Financial Wellbeing in U.A.E

Arriving from Scotland in Dubai about a year ago, I was amazed at how fast paced the place was compared to back home 🏎️💨

Not just the roads 😅 but the cafes and restaurants were full, and the co-working spaces were teeming!

What was it Dubai had that other places didn't? The weather is obviously great, but there was something else at play...

After a while I realised it was the absolute necessity for people to hustle 🏃💨

With no welfare state to fall back on, you either earn plenty or go home.

This is what you sign up for though and no one is complaining, but what's sad is when people do go home, except empty handed.

My spending in year 1 is probably a prime example of how not to go about it 😆 but thanks to the company I work for I'm starting to learn.

That company just announced our launch into the Y Combinator accelerator program, the largest of it's kind in the world.

We're providing all employees free access to our Financial Academy (via their employer) to make sure they don't go home empty handed.

Alongside this, we've just launched our Gratuity Management platform, to help employers get ready for the upcoming changes to U.A.E labour law.

In case you're wondering, we're not trying to get rid of the hustle. On the contrary, we're trying to improve it!

Financial Wellbeing not only leads to higher productivity, less absenteeism (and presenteeism) but it also attracts more and better talent.

After we're finished and the news has spread, companies better get ready for a new influx because you're going to be singled out.

We may also need a few more roads, and a few hundred extra cafes and restaurants, but those are the kind of problems we cannot do without 😉

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