Robbie Maltby

April 30, 2021

Permission to rest

Sometimes you can't beat the feeling of having nothing to do.

Waking up to an overcast day can give us permission to stop and think on things that our busy days have given no room for.

It's a feeling of openness and unpredictability. Ungoverned by routine, or commitments. It's a time to let free-thinking take over, and allow ideas and plans to arise as they will.

Making a plan every day of the week can feel unbalanced. The constant rigmarole; the social occasions, activities, the producing of work - it can make you rigid and inflexible.

That's fine if what you're looking for is maximum predictability but the more we control our lives, the less we allow ourselves to change, and the more opportunities we miss to grow in other ways.

Waking up this morning was the first time in nearly 2 weeks that I've allowed myself to think a bit more openly, and complete my Morning Pages.

I'm not berating myself, I've been busy with new work, but I do sense a lack in my body. My brain has been feeling less plastic, less malleable with all the structure, meetings, planning, and absorbing of new information.

Dubai is overcast today, and there are droplets of rain here and there. Lot's of people are out in their gardens having breakfast - an anomaly for this time of year when temperatures at 9am are usually well above 30 degrees c.

I never thought I'd say this (as a Glaswegian) but I'm grateful for the break in sunshine. It's given me permission rest.

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