Paul Salzman

March 4, 2021

I used to despise email, then I found Hey.

Email was a dark, dreaded place that I avoided as much as possible. I turned off all email notifications and told people to text me if they wanted to reach me. I hated organizing and sifting through mailing lists, junk mail, and managing mail to use as a way to track work.

When Hey came along, I found a way to enjoy email again. Hey strips away the noise until I want to listen to it. My important mail floats to the top and I’m always able to find receipts, and other important mail when I need to find it. Very cool. 

It’s exciting to see how this evolves. Certainly, being able to blog from email is a great step in a new direction. Hey is a new direction, or thinking, with old communication technology. Pretty cool.  

[what's really slick is that I wrote this with my iPhone sitting in the car--I think this is a useful blogging method!]

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