Sam Stephenson

July 21, 2021

Starting a newsletter

I’m starting an email list of friends and colleagues – sharing projects I’m working on and ideas I'm thinking about. If you're reading this, I'd love to have you.

Not sure of the format yet, but expect it to be short and pretty infrequent. Perhaps every 6-8 weeks? 

Two questions for you:

1. Can I add you to the list? (If yes, stick your email in the box below)

2. Anything you'd especially like to see? It'd be nice to like to find a way of sharing in a way that takes advantage of things I'm good at. Some ideas floating in my head:
  • Design tips for non-designers
  • Design tips and shortcuts for practicing designers - mostly digital product design related
  • Talking through my processes for things (design process, task management, freelance admin)
  • Learnings from things I've been digging into (for example, I've  recently been learning the basics of building iPhone apps in SwiftUI)
  • Older books / articles / media I discovered a while ago that have had a lasting impact on me
  • Travel stories / Photographs

If you'd rather not have another email newsletter filling up your inbox, I won't take offence if this isn't your thing.