Steven Ledbetter

March 9, 2021

Dabbling with Hey World

I really should be going to bed soon, but I'm hyped up on coffee and decided I'd play around with Hey World a little bit. In playing around, I've made a couple of technical observations. 

  • Ease of use - This really is an easy system to use. I normally blog with, a service that makes blogging as easy as sending a tweet. Tweets are microblogs after all. Well, Hey World makes blogging as simple as sending an email. This actually works well for a couple reasons. One, it is a distraction-free environment. You only see what you're writing, so no visible inbox or anything like that. Also, Hey by default has no notifications. It's really the most serine environment I've used in quite some time.

  • Organization - Hey doesn't really have much for folders. Part of me doesn't like that, as I'd at least would want to put older emails in an archive of some kind. That said, the reason for this is because Hey is about actions. You either want to set aside, reply later, or delete. However, there is a folder for Hey World posts. This is nice because I could easily seeing myself losing them in the default setup. 

I have a feeling I'll end up using this as more of a compliment to my current site. I'm thinking a weekly newsletter could be something I do with this. If that's something that interests you, feel free to subscribe below with either email or your RSS reader of choice.