Steve Schramm

May 5, 2021


You should have seen how long the title of this blog post was when I first started writing it.

I opted for a one worder, instead.

So I have been on a ketogenic diet for the better part of 5 years now. I have fluctuated on and off, up and down, but I have been faithful more than I have cheated.

Coming off of a fairly significant cheatfest, I am returning with a fiercer passion than ever into the world of meat-based Keto, otherwise known as ketovore.

It's a made-up word that combines Keto (for the ketogenic diet) and carnivore (which means meat-eater).

In this lifestyle, you would primarily eat animal products, and sprinkle in some vegetables occasionally. It is the very closest thing to a zero carb diet you get. Well, besides not eating. (I wouldn't recommend that.)

I may occasionally report my progress here so far, just to keep me accountable. Plus, it may have the added benefit of proving naysayers wrong. I'm always up for that! 

God bless!

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