Steve Schramm

May 10, 2021

Some Things I'm Trying

I am always in a constant state of self-improvement. 

At least, I try to be. 

I am also cognizant of my failure to *actually* improve in many areas. However, it's worth giving new things a try, even though sometimes we will inevitably falter. 

Here are three new things I am trying right now: 

  1. A Ketovore Diet. I have seen great health and weight loss success with a ketogenic diet over the past few years. However, I am at a plateau point that I have not been able to break for some time. I am hopeful that driving down my carb intake even lower (as close to zero as possible) will catalyze the weight loss process once again. 
  2. The Rule of Life. No, it's not a board game. Turns out, this is an ancient Christian practice, that I was quite unaware of. I would say this is probably because I grew up in a very non-liturgical church tradition. I realize my need for consistent spiritual improvement, which I am optimistic this will provide. You can learn more about the Rule of Life here.
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading. As I've gotten older, I have begun to sense a sort of stagnation in my willingness to adopt new things. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it wise to jump at each new opportunity. But some things are groundbreaking "new normal"'s that I think should be given a fair shake. Much like air travel and the Internet, I think we should all be paying attention to Crypto. Learn more with this awesome book

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