Steve Schramm

May 1, 2021

The blog that no one reads

There is a strange situation that naturally arises in a world where everybody is listening.

Sometimes, nobody is listening.

Furthermore, sometimes that is a good thing!

I started my journey into writing and creating online in 2015. For some reason, I had the burning desire to share my ideas with the world. I had never had this before!

I experienced a transformation in my personal life, and through that transformation, I wanted to help others. As I did my research, I came to the conclusion that the best way to help others would be to begin creating public content that they could learn from.

There’s something romantic about it—at least for me. I don’t know why; after all, I never anticipated being a writer. Or a speaker. Heck, or even a reader. I CERTAINLY did not anticipate becoming a preacher.

Alas, I have become all of those…

I don’t plan on sharing the story today. Perhaps someday. For now, suffice it to say that here I am, between 5 and 6 years after the very first time I had the inkling to do this sort of thing. And right now, I am writing for an audience of.....none.

Yup, you don’t exist as a reader! At least not until you do.

And here we come to the point of my taking the time to write this.

It’s considerably easier to work through new ideas when you are not up  against a sea of immediate judgment.

In fact, as I am thinking about it, I think I will think of the writing I do here as an investment into the future. I think I will write timelessly; largely, for the people who could be reading this 50 years from now. Or hundreds of years from now.

I’ll write it for my kids. So they have something to remember me by. This platform, HEY World, is brand new. And yet, the company who put it in place is over 20 years old, with a commitment to keeping products (even deprecated ones) in service for a lifetime (and a successful track record of doing so). This blog will be here for awhile....seems like a secure place to share my thoughts without the burden of standing up and maintaining another website.

That’s one thing that makes this platform interesting. Another thing, is the inherent lack of features. I have no way to track my subscriber count. I am not tempted to think of myself more highly than I ought to. As far as I know, I am writing just for me, and my family. I like it that way.

I’ll share things that matter to me, and to the people I serve in other aspects of my life. To be sure, I create content more places than this. But this is more intimate. I can even share some of the same information in a different way here. 

Enough rambling. Onward.  

Steve Schramm
IG: @swschramm

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