Tassia Pellegrini

February 23, 2021

I'm not used to be "out there" anymore but here's a podcast episode about Latinxs who design

I tend to act shy, but that rarely impeded me from doing things I was uncomfortable with if they seemed important: public speaking, teaching, sharing my opinions, activism, and even asking for help.

But since I quit Twitter and Instagram — services I used for more than ten years — I noticed that my relating with others changed in a subtle but profound manner.

I still tend to act shy, but I feel more capable of relating to others more intentionally. I don't know exactly why, but it seems that not assuming what people are up to (or how they're feeling) based solely on what they curate online made me more capable of connecting with them further.

It helped me expand my perceived boundaries of shyness, and I can reach out more, say yes and no more confidently, and pay attention more attentively without too much hypervigilance.

Maybe my tank is just a bit more full since I'm not staring at screens more than I have to in a given day.

And I think that's what propelled me to say yes to Michel when he invited me to speak about my design career in his new podcast project, "Latinxs Who Design".

Listen to the episode

I apologize for the heavy breathing. I just noticed that I don't know how to breathe when I'm in the middle of something (I have asthma, but I think it's a lack of podcast practice!).

I hope this will be useful for anyone starting their careers or if they're tired of tech for whatever reason. There's hope. 

Have a wonderful day!

— Tassia Pellegrini